Here at Supremo Car Detailer, we take pride in our workmanship to ensure supreme customer satisfaction and after sales services. Our detailing team of groomers is packed with over 20 years of experience and coupled with latest products from established local and international brands, rest assured to get highest quality treatment and paint protection for your automobiles at affordable prices.


Prior to application of any paint protection systems, regardless of selected product,
all cars will undergo our meticulous Supremo treatments!

  • Snow Foam Car Wash
  • Clay Bar Cleaning of Car Body
  • Rim Cleaning and Degreasing
  • Engine Bay Cleaning and Degreasing
  • Vacuuming of Car Interior
  • Interior Cleaning and Conditioning of Leather Seats and Dashboards
  • Paint Correction
  • Application of Selected Paint Protection Systems on Full Car and Rims



Paint protection WAX

Using BodyGuard Hydrophobic Paste
Made in Japan

  • Protection up to 3 months
  • High shine and gloss result
  • Water Beading and Hydrophobic effect
  • Sweet vanilla scent

Paint Protection Coating

Using Nano Ceramic 9H
3 years Shop Warranty

  • Protection up to 3 years
  • Superior Shine, Gloss and Color renewal
  • Water Beading and Hydrophobic effect



  • Fine Swirls, Minor Scratches and Marring

  • Brake Dust

  • Oxidation and Corrosion

  • Tree Saps, Bugs and Bird Bomb Contamination

  • UV Thermal
Endure Pro Treatment Package

Using Endure Pro
Made in Japan
3 years Shop Warranty

  • Applied on exterior, interior, windows and rims
  • Uses Primer technology
  • Dust blows off and dirt washes off easily
  • Advanced Water Beading and Hydrophobic effect
  • Dynamic Water Repellency function / Low sliding angle


Water-Repellency Effect

Due to the evenly blended fluorine in the glass coat, the base of water-repellency effect stays in the coat, which enables the water-repellency to last for a longer time even if the thickness of coat has decreased.

Dynamic Water-Repellency Function

Adopting “dynamic” water-repellency with new functionalities and placing emphasis on water run-off property so that it succeeds to tremendously reduce the generation of water deposits, further improves the mobility of water drops and reduces the generation of stains to the minimum.

Excellent Acid-Resistant Property

Improves maintenance by the features of the special fluorine, which is highly tolerant of acid blended in its glass coat. Hence, it leads to an excellent acid-resistant property.

Bond Performance

A special primer agent (accelerator) is used to strongly bond the coating layer onto the painted surface. The primer has a unique hybrid structure to bind its organic substance to the side of the painted surfaces and its inorganic substance to the coat on top and strongly binds them altogether. Besides, the primer itself forms a glassy layer, and that gives the surface deep gloss and smoothness. The primer will bring out 100% of Endure Pro’s performance.
CQuartz Treatment Package

Using CQUARTZ Finest
Made in Japan
2 Years CarPro Warranty
3 Years Shop Warranty

  • Applied on exterior, interior, windows and rims
  • Protection of up to 3 years
  • Advanced slickness, dirt and oil repellency
  • Richer, glossier appearance
  • Immense water beading and sheeting characteristics
  • Temperature resistance in excess of 300° Celsius


Harder and Thicker Coating

Increased inorganic SiO2 Silica content results in a tough 2-3 micron thick coating, yielding improvements to surface hardness by a factor of up to 2H* on the Mohs Scale**, and significantly reducing the occurrence of wash-related marring and incidental scratches on sensitive paints.

Enhanced Chemical and UV Protection

Offers strong protection against man-made and environmental hazards like acids from bird droppings and industrial fallout, high-alkaline caustic detergents, and strong Ultraviolet Radiation.

Slicker and Enhanced Water-Spot Resistance Finish

New Organic Hybrid Silanes offer substantially improved slickness, dirt and oil repellency (leading to a self-cleaning effect when rinsed or after a rain), as well as resistance to mineral-spotting due to hard water over conventional nano-coatings.

Richer and Glossier Appearance

Yields a rich, glassy finish, with measurably enhanced levels of gloss and reflectivity that lasts year after year.

Increased Hydrophobicity

Sophisticated 3D Nano Structure offers immense water beading and sheeting characteristics, with a Contact Angle of 100-110°, and a Sliding angle of just 15-25° paints.

Higher Heat Resistance

Temperature resistance in excess of 300° Celsius (over 575° Fahrenheit) provides greater protection for high-temp applications like wheels and against hot brake dust on high performance and racing vehicles.

2-Year Finest Warranty

Backed by a CarPro Approved Warranty, CQuartz Finest is capable of protecting your vehicle for a minimum of 2-Years after application by one of our accredited Finest Detailers.
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